Saturday, October 24, 2009

A BUSY day!

I know that you are probably just dying to see all the great stuff I got today yard Saleing! BUT, I have to tell you that I have been working SO hard all day! We have expanded our booth at the WONDERFUL antiques mall that I love and I have been working so HARD on it! I will be BACK up there tomorrow with my camera to take photos of stuff we have gotten today AND other things I have been working on! Today was a good day. Not the best in Yard Sale terms. HOWEVER, I did get a FABULOUS and I mean FABULOUS Oriental rug. Circular-and you know those are expensive, scalloped on the edges, and great thickness in a cream, sea foam green and Burgundy. For -25 bucks! The lady NEVER used it! Would not fit in her room! It is gorgeous! I will try to take photos of that as well tomorrow. I am just too tired right now and, you will start to find that I am actually the original -Wonder Woman, my favorite cartoon character growing up. I had the wrist bands, albums and ALL. The only thing I lack these days is the actual ability to fit into that costume from childhood. So, I just have to make believe in my head. HA! When I got home from a 3 hour stage fest at the antiques mall with my parents, I had to load dishes in the washer, start Chicken and Stove Top bake, and then FALL onto the couch. Oh forget to also tell you that AFTER yard sales, I attended the Fall Festival with my hubby and children for a few hours at the school! See...I am the original Wonder Woman! :)

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