Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to the birth of The Yard Sale Posse

My whole life my mother has been decorating our family home and my life with yard sale finds. In fact, growing up in upstate NY, one could find a "Garage Sale", as we northerners call them, every Thursday, Friday , Saturday and Sunday! Heaven and Junk 4 out of 7 days per week! I didn't get it then.
As I married and got my own home, my mother continued to truck in the "junk". As a matter of fact, if i asked my mother for lets say a fan on Friday, she would bring back four of them in various sizes and styles by Monday!
Now, living in Virginia, the weather is warm and the seasons mild for the most part. Great for yard sales every weekend, and for some reason, Saturday in the capital of the south, is the chief day for yard sales. About a year ago, I painted my first few pieces of furniture to"makeover" a few yard sale finds that my mother brought over. A $5.00 side table, a crusty old fish tank holder my son had in his room previously-$2.00, and a free TV stand that my Mother -In- Law had given us. My decent cherry bedroom furniture was horribly mismatched and crying for help.
So I took the plunge. Many of my neighbors thought I was very brave. Are they crazy? Brave? Did they not see the pieces before?! A junk yard might have been a better suited match for my pieces of furniture. I was actually brave to have had them in there in the first place!
I got rave reviews. As my neighbors friends beheld beautiful redos in a Sliced Cucumber color, I realized that I enjoyed the painting and I seemed to be good at it! I was very proud! And, I was on to something. Something that many books have been written about, something that has been so popular in the Shabby Chic world, which i had not previously cared to venture into. Now came full into my view. I could paint, I could Shabby, and I could....!
6 months later I found my self with my mother, opening our first booth at an antiques mall in the country. Some of the most beautiful painted furniture exists at this mall, and the owner, well, her shop looks like it came straight out of Shabby Chic Disney World. I am always amazed, and try to learn as I go.
Enter... Yard Sale Posse. 6 am Saturday mornings consist of the most precious hours of the week for me, besides family diner together with my husband and two children, which i adore-I think we are one of the last families that do this, five days per week, is Yard Sale Time! Bring in Craigslist weekly, and I am almost ready to talk "Posse".
So, my crazy Aunt, and I mean in a Ringling Brothers circus when you were like 6 crazy fun, just moved to town. She, paired with my father, the other half of the family craziness in a way that is hard to explain unless you see it, bring about a a hysterically funny Saturday morning of Yard Sales with my Mother and I. Thus the Posse, is born.
My aunt, who is a yard sale and antique guru, my father who has tagged along with my mother for years are the real deal. Myself, well, I am the former beauty queen, turned hobby painter, turned hobby booth owner, and happy to be learning form the Posse elders.
I hope you will follow me on our blog and twitter soon. I will post photos of before and afters, and show you how to turn a dime into a cool decorating peice or a $1.00 into something totally chic, and we will just have a barrel full of fun!

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