Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots Done Today -with photos to boot this time!

What a DAY! I just love Sunday! I know that dreaded Monday IS just around the corner, and it a school night and all of that jazz, but I get so much joy out of a Sunday! Whats that Song? Manic Monday? ...Wish it was Sunday..'.cause that's my fun day...
After morning coffee, and a big home cooked breakfast. My daughter that is 6 and could eat you out of house and home, and remains looking like a perfectly sculptured gymnast, requests, or rather demands Big breakfasts Sundays. Now don't get me wrong, I don't go through a ton of work, but Pancakes and Turkey Bacon, OJ, Toast. Occasional Hash Browns make their way in. I am not huge on cooking and that may sound like a small breakfast, but its the main one I physically make all week that takes more than 1 minute in the microwave. Other than that its cold cereal or frozen waffles. Which is not half bad really.

ANYWAY!..... Wile hubby was watching the football games today, I was painting! By the way, HOW does one person sit from noon, until literally 10:49pm at night and watch Football? I don't mean the game, I know that's important, but HOW do you just lay on the couch and not move? Thats like a darn near 10 hour car ride. Don't you need to stretch or move your muscles,-I mean get off the couch MAN! LOL!

Photos please:

I have been wanting to take a stab at learning how to recover things. SO this was my first VICTIM!!! DON DON DA!!! Staple gun in hand WATCH out! This was a freebie from my mother and was in our booth for a month with no takers...A few staples and A bit of white paint later....

Didn't this come out -to die for?? LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Guess what...It sold within an hour of taking it to my booth! The other way it was before, it was there for a month, I just pulled it out of my booth so that I could test drive the staple gun with fabric!

I got this little cutie at an estate sale for 30 bucks! I thought it was such a cute find for the money! I was a woman on a mission with the staple gun today, and did not even think to try to recover this, until I walked by it while jumping and cheering about my stool to my husband this morning. Well, a few staples later.....

Presto...Sold within an hour of taking it to my booth!!! I am soo proud! Hated to part with these.

Last BUT not least! My $25.00 yard sale rug from yesterday. I priced a similar one online.... $191.00 on sale!!!

*note: The blue Flower Fabric I used was bought at a Yard Sale for $1.50 for about one yard and a half.

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